Monday, September 3, 2007

NASA Continues to Hide The True Colors of Mars

On August 5th, 2004, as the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit was making the slow climb out of Gusev crater on its way toward the so-called “Pot of Gold,” JPL commanded the rover to turn south and take a set of images of a nearby rocky outcrop and the plains (and rim) of Gusev beyond. The outcrop, nicknamed “Longhorn” by the MER-JPL team, contains a number of interesting “rocks” in the near field. Like the later Pot of Gold, the Spirit team has had a great deal of difficulty categorizing some of the objects seen in the images sent back.

However, what continues to intrigue us is not necessarily the inexplicable “geology” of the region, but rather NASA’s persistent commitment to deceive the public about the true nature and colors of Mars. As we have noted before -- and as will be further documented in Dark Mission -- NASA has a long-standing policy of altering surface images of Mars in order to make the sky and landscape appear to be an absurd “Technicolor red.” As we have established in previous articles, the Martian sky is blue, not red, and the red-shifting of the surface images from Viking to Pathfinder to now Spirit and Opportunity has resulted in the general public perceiving Mars as an alien, forbidding world.

In fact, it looks a lot like Arizona.

The latest proof of this came from the aforementioned images from the high rim of Gusev crater, cobbled together by NASA under image release PIA06770. We knew immediately that the red skies and rocks were phony (the caption calls it “approximate true color” – a NASA euphemism for “outright fake”), so it was simply a matter of adjusting the saturation and balance to bring out the real color of the scene. Fortunately, most imaging software contains a tool that makes this exceptionally easy.

By simply applying a color auto-adjust (or auto-equalize) tool, we can correct the deliberate red-shifting of JPL image processing and reveal the true colors of Mars, vs. the “approximate true colors” of NASA. This filter simply applies a flat equalization to the image – meaning that the image goes from over-saturated red to an equal balance in the primary red-green-blue channels – and more closely duplicates what the human eye would see if you were standing next to Spirit as the picture was taken.

Try it yourself. Download the official rover image from the JPL site, then, use the auto color-balance feature in your imaging software. We think you’ll be pleased and impressed by the results ... at least, until you also realize what NASA has been pulling all these years vis-à-vis the “real” colors of Mars ….

NASA apologists like “Dr. Phil” Plait have tried to muddy the waters on this question by claiming that it is really hard for NASA to get the color right, and that the inclusion of an IR band “pushes the images red.” Now try this tool and ask yourself how difficult it is to show the colors of Mars correctly.

As to the reasons why NASA continues to deceive the American public in this way, well, that is all covered in “Dark Mission.” But if you doubt that NASA does this deliberately, we’ll give you a chance to prove your position. Try to find an image – any "real color" image (not one taken through false-color IR filters) – from either of the Mars Exploration Rovers that shows both the color calibration wheel and the Martian sky in the same frame.

Good luck. And, stay tuned.


  1. I think that NASA is behaving like idiots, but Mars Bases are way into the future!

    Mars is more Salmon Pink than Dark Red, I know because I have a Telescope!

  2. Who wrote that, really?


    What are you kiding me?

    How can Mike Bara or Chester know what Arizona looks like?

    Its not a complete barren desert dammit - what do you think Arizona is - the Gobi? - its the So'noran!


  3. Actually, it was Carl Sagan, back in the Viking days, that compared Mars to Arizona. Of course, that was before the JPL techs came through the room and twisted the red color dials all the way up.

  4. excellent site.. and thanks for the Truth.. joe

  5. Bob,

    What am I missing?

    These images are so small (deliberately), that what I see could just as easily be "vesicular lava chunks" (very gassy lava rock, previously flowing across the surface, now broken up and tossed about by later impact events); or, "tephra" [frothy rock chunks from internal, trapped gasses (light enough to float on water!)] -- blown out of some volcanic vents as so-called "lava bombs"--

    Either way, these samples could have been laid down across this part of Mars by past eons of known, mundane Martian volcanic activity. Then, brought to the surface and tossed about by much younger, violent impact events ....

    So ... why do YOU think you're seeing "coral" in these images, and not just "gas-filled Martian rock?"


  6. In keeping with your latest topic centered on Mars, I offer this image of a very clear and distinctly 3d geodesic dome sitting nicely in a little crater.
    It magnifies well enough and one can note without much stretch of sight, the notable opening or blown open portion at the lower front of the dome.

    This may not be a new image to some people, but it struck me as 'crispy' and distinct, much like the "skull image", without any image confusion".

    geodesic dome on Mars


  7. I used to own a variety of aquariums and the tops of thelargest 'rock' looks like coral. I will try to link some coral types here to bolster my thought...BUT...a DEFINITIVE evaluation cannot be made until the coorect filters are indentified on the page for that set of images. THEN we can do color and IR anaylsis and comparisons.

    Brain coral
    Brain open coral

    Elkhorn Pacific coral

    Elkhorn Pafic coral

    Merulina Coral

    Merulina Coral

    A wide variety in University format of Bivalve fossils:

    Bivalve fossils

    And while I know BiValve fossils are not the same as corals...they ARE evidence of LIVING things...not "rocks" or as you point the other possibilities:

    "These images are so small (deliberately), that what I see could just as easily be "vesicular lava chunks" (very gassy lava rock, previously flowing across the surface, now broken up and tossed about by later impact events); or, "tephra" [frothy rock chunks from internal, trapped gasses (light enough to float on water!)] -- blown out of some volcanic vents as so-called "lava bombs"

    And again...until the NASA MER team fixes the page...we can NOT tell ANYTHING with certainty other than that they made a huge boo-boo in labeling this entire series of images of this ONE feature.

    There are NO OTHER labeling errors on this page at ALL !!! ONLY on this one feature.


  8. IonTruO2,

    I saw that too. I think he wrote it in the wrong thread.

    Can you move it, Mike, to the one on "Mars' color?"



  9. My Uncle, Dr. Donald Rapp has just finished a book about Mars and it is on Amazon.Com. The book addresses in detail all of the hurdles that need to be resolved in order to achieve a successful mission to Mars. I would buy the book but:
    1) I can't afford it. $139.
    2) I probably wouldn't understand it.
    3) Since I'm an artist, I'm content to keep doing my own research, gather my own images of all the beautiful artwork on Mars, the Moon, and, ah, on Titan. Art, now that's something I can understand! (LOL)

    I have that geodesic dome image in my collection, just love it. I wish I could make out what is above and behind the dome too.

  10. Those Martians sure are dumb enough to make a Bucky Dome OUT OF OPAQUE ROCK, the same color of rock as the nearby ones.

  11. To pick back up on the coral issue after a few days of working on the CAAIM...I took a break abd found the same coral spot taken a few sols earlier...this time the filter notations were correct. Below are two 2.3 jpgs one of true color and one in the IR of the feature.

    I STILL think they look like coral fossils (like I linked to above in a previous poast) or petrified wood which in either case in a data point for evidence on past life all over Mars.

    And these are of course as you know not the images showing such but one more spot added to the pile of evidence that Mars was wet and alive and thriving.

    True Color Coral 1

    InfraRed Color Coral-1

    Bicubic resampling was used to enlarge the images from original size.


  12. or petrified wood which in either case in a data point for evidence on past life all over Mars.

    No, it's evidence that petrified wood MIGHT be at that spot.

    The Fantastic Shapes seen all over Mars are best explained electrically, but since and RCH chose to ignore it, it will stay ignored and we are left with blurry Pixels proving that NASA needs uncounted billions more!

  13. The blog reminded me of a favorite space movie from my childhood, when JFK was president.
    I don't remember the plt anymore, but I remember thinking "Thr Angry Red Planet" was a really cool movie. I think it sparked my interest in Mars.

    BTW don't tell Dubya and his cousin, John Kerry, about the Skull on Mars. They might want to steal it and put it in "the Tomb" in New Haven. :)

  14. Gort,

    There's enough "SKULLS" scattered across the solar system that they'd run out of room in their stone basements for them all.

    Which is why the "Skull n Bones" promises made by BOTH of the "Bushes" are nothing but rhetoric from the 'proverbial' "BURNIG BUSH"...leaving us with nothing but sands of slikly slogans souring in our mouths still thirsty for unfulfilled dreams of our collective vision of who we once were...and long to be again.

    And so many ask us to trust the elite again...after all these last decades of fiascos of failures and wars of corporate convience...It's time for 1776 again I believe.


  15. 1.) I am heartily sick of my tax dollars being used to make fake-red pix of Mars. While the ground might indeed be 'reddish', I find it frankly unbelieveable that everything-- rocks, sand and sky-- are *precisely* the same shade of red. Looks like a photoshop filter to me... Also, having seen my own surroundings in the light of a very orange-red sky (due to smoke from a bad wildfire in the back country near me a few years back) it is painfully obvious that the Mars pix are being diddled. Even though the sky above me was a uniform bright orange during the fire, the trees in my yard still looked recognizably green.

    2.) The Plasma Cosmology folks over at the Thunderbolts website do have some valid points to make about some of the features of Mars being the result of electrical discharge phenomena on a massive scale. However, no one will be able to rule-in/rule-out electrical-discharge results vs. artifacts without *unadulterated* pix to work from. [Just so my own personal views are known up front, I think it likely that there are intelligently constructed artifacts in amongst the massive evidence of electrical discharge phenomena on Mars.]

    3.) I believe the 'state's-evidence' NASA/military folks who directly testify to A) hidden agendas at NASA and elsewhere, and B) direct evidence of a Skyperson presence on the Moon, etc. I also have no problem understanding that Skyperson-derived technology is being suppressed in order to keep the big-oil status-quo hegemony alive and well, to the detriment of the entire planet.

    4.) I am off to preorder my copy of Mr. Hoagland's book, as well as an additional one to donate to the library system (I work for the Public Library in the city I live in). If everyone did this-- i.e., buy one extra copy and donate it to the nearest public library-- then folks who do not ordinarily follow the Enterprise website, etc., or who cannot afford to buy the book, would have access to a copy.

    Heiye slenayya tan svalesh,
    (Live Long with Abundant Water-pouring-- i.e., prosperous conditions)


  16. Those individuals who think NASA always gets the colors of Mars right should read the book "The Planet Mars:A History Of Observation and Discovery" by William Sheehan. In Chapter 13(Vikings--and Beyond) the author states, "Telescopic observers have long been fascinated by the compelling, if partly illusory, colors of Mars, and the Viking imaging team also had a hard time getting the Martian colors right. They made colored pictures by mixing images obtained through a tricolor wheel (a wheel containing blue, green, and red filters), but the calibration was uncertain, and the earliest published images showed the Martian surface as a very piquant orange-red.3 Meanwhile, the Martian sky---surprisingly bright and rather unromantically described as "similar to a smoggy day in Los Angeles"---was given a bluish cast that was eerily Earthlike.4 Later, someone suggested that Mars's atmosphere was probably too thin for molecular (Rayleigh) scattering to produce a blue sky color, and that instead the sky brightness must be due to a suspension of fine reddish dust, which would make the sky salmon pink---and so it became in later images (although I must admit that I never found the effect quite believable).5 In this case, the Viking imaging team seems to have bent too far in the other direction to avoid creating the illusion of an Earthlike Mars. Because the dust load of the Martian atmosphere is extremely variable, the color of the sky ranges, at different times, from salmon pink to yellow to light blue to dark blue to purple. Since the images returned by the Viking lander just after it landed show shadows cast by the rocks as razor sharp, the atmosphere was then fairly clear. Ironically, after all the trouble taken with it, the sky seems to have been blue after all!"

    After the excitement of viewing the first images

  17. T'Zairis

    Not one penny of your "tax dollars" fund making "fake red-pixs" of Mars. Not one penny of ANY of the "tax dollars" that are extorted pay for ANY services of our Empire. EVERY SINGLE PENNY EXTORTED GOES TO TO PAY FOR INTEREST ON THE NATIONAL DEBT! What the Empire spends on its services, and everything else, is called 'deficit spending'. If we did what the Empire does, it would be called 'kiting'.

  18. Too see it with your own eyes - this is the essence of mars that I have learned..


  19. Thanks for the show last night guys. It had me scribbling furious notes. I wish I had 2 more hours to pick your brains afterwards.

  20. Below is an INDEPENDANT panorama of that Sol 120 by Spirit pancam images...since only 3 VIS greyscales were taken for each of the four positions shown it is fairly easy to download and combine them into a true color RGB. There has been NO...repeat NO...messing with color values on any of the four images. All I did was rotate to first attempt isn't as perfect as I would like but the following are right on the money. is NASA who is blowing the red "foo foo dust" over images.

    The raw data does NOT show that redness.

    Just like the 1998 infamous 'CATBOX' of the FACE.

    The RAW data showed eyes, ridge line for nose, two nostrils, mouth, eyebrows, headdress and a chinny-chin-chin all mounted on a uniform platform raised ABOVE the plain.

    Here's my photorama of Spirit's SOL 120:

    RHW Sol 120 Photorama True Color


  21. Thanks for the show last night guys. It had me scribbling furious notes. I wish I had 2 more hours to pick your brains afterwards.
    I take it you were in SF. Give us some highlights.

  22. Guys, last night was just a forerunner. Tomorrow will be the big DM preview. It will be cool.

  23. Israeli laws suppress all religion -- For instance, it is against the law to try and convert a Jew to another religion even if the Jew is an atheist or humanist.

    Just Gossiping.

  24. I remember reading in Aviation Week and Space Technology at the time of the vikng lander that the lander did not have a color calibration card, so the imaging people got a shot of an orange extension cord on top of the lander and calibrated the B&W slow scan shot throgh a tri-color filter wheel.
    At least that as the story they told.

  25. I noticed you intimate a connection between the Dark Mission of NASA and the JFK assasination. Does this dovetail with the info Joseph P. Farrell discused on sunday night's C2C with George Knapp. ??
    Staying tuned ... :)

  26. I noticed you intimate a connection between the Dark Mission of NASA and the JFK assasination.

    As an Atheist and Communist, I resent the implication that the Goyyim are "allowed to Print Money"

  27. As an Atheist and Communist, I support Athletics, because I exist in a Reality that values strength.

    As a blog that purports to uncover Secrets, where are your reports of the horrible weapons and deployments of the Nazi's?

    If you can't blame a regime that was destroyed 60 years ago, what chance will we have to enforce the Fiat monetary system on the unsuspecting masses of Muslims?

  28. Based on what evidence is Nasa tricking us? You can alter the hue of any photo. Look did you know the Earth's sky isn't blue. It's actually red.

  29. Biological_Unit said...
    As an Atheist and Communist, I support Athletics, because I exist in a Reality that values strength.

    Gort says:
    As a former resident of the Kansas City area, I've been an Athletic's Supporter since 1958! Go A's! :)

  30. I still even the corrected color is not right, for one reason: Mars' atmosphere has a mean air pressure of 0.9 kilopascals, less than 1% that of Earth's atmosphere. If you've seen pictures of the sky taken from the U-2 spyplane at the 70,000 feet cruising altitude, the sky is a very dark blue; I think the Mars sky at ground level at the equator is probably a very dark blue except for periods of planetary dust storms.

    In short, the picture posted on the blog is almost right, but you need to darken the sky to a very deep blue.

  31. SactoMan01 said...
    In short, the picture posted on the blog is almost right, but you need to darken the sky to a very deep blue.

    The only issue there is you're altering the entire picture's luminance level. By altering the brightness of the picture to give you a dark blue sky, the rest of the landscape suddenly becomes a great deal darker.

    I doubt that NASA would be selectively brightening the sky in each shot before changing hue - that would have been spotted by some eagle eye by now. The question then would be 'how bright is the ambient light on the surface of Mars?' Are the images showing a brighter Mars than what our eyes would see? A picture can be taken to make a dark landscape brighter - just leave the shutter open a tad longer.

    Anyone have ISO/Shutter/Iris data for these images?

  32. Yeah... I would recommend using literally any picture of anything and putting it throuhg auto adjust too.... it will show you how ridiculous this idea is.

    Auto Adjusts are not scientific and they are not used by professionals. They just "guess" at what is appropriate and "correct" the situation based on this guess.

    The colours are adjusted for a landscape on Earth. This is much the same way that colour correctiong automatically removes red-eye -- even though it doesn't always work correctly when it is presented with a confusing colour pallet. Auto adjust doesn't always work, and certainly would not work for a picture taken on another planet with an unknown palette.

    If you look, the colours on the "corrected" version are pretty hot. They are almost blown out. The colours in the original picture have a more natural tone. While neither picture could represent the "true colours," this is not a good way to make that decision.


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