Thursday, August 23, 2007

A NASA Veteran Speaks Out

My name is Ken Johnston and it has been 12 years since I first contacted “The Enterprise Mission” at a conference in Seattle, WA and told them my story.

I worked at NASA in Houston, TX for almost 17 years and in addition to being one of the five Lunar Module test pilots and Astronaut Consultant Pilot, I also worked at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory. At the LRL I was in charge of the “Data and Photo Control” department where I kept five copies of every picture and negative taken during each of the moon missions.

After Apollo15 I was directed to destroy all but one set of the pictures and negatives. After discussing it with my supervisor I made the decision to take one set of everything and deposit it at the Oklahoma City University science department. I then did as I was told and destroyed all but one other set.

I told this story to Richard Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission team at that Seattle conference, and that I had a private collection of NASA Apollo photographs that backed up what I was telling them. The next day about 5 people along with Mr. Richard C.Hoagland came to my house to see the pictures that I had told them about. What an experience I had and what a shock they had. My wife pointed out several anomalies in some of the photos and then everyone in the room went wild looking for more strange things in the pictures.

Personally, I know that there are a lot more people like myself that have solid data and personal experiences that will back up a lot of what is published for the first time in this book "Dark Mission".

What is needed right now is for others to come out of hiding and bring out into the light their information so that at last we can tell the truth for the world to see. I could name at least a dozen people that I worked with at NASA that were in direct contact with every member of the Apollo Mission flight crews and other key personnel that controlled the data produced from each mission. I think that if Richard and Mike could use this ‘blog’ as a place where others could come forward with their stories, we could accomplish the goal of this book, GETTING THE TRUTH OUT!

How would you suggest that we go about it to find the others out there and make them understand that the only way for them to be safe is for them to come public with their information? That way if any threats or accidents were to happen to any of them, it would raise an even bigger red flag about what’s been going on. Now it is up to those of us who know the truth to stand together and shout it out loud for all to hear and understand.


  1. No, it was your breath....

    Actually, we just had some formatting problems and Blogger was being tempramental.

  2. I'd advise starting by separating ballistics and motive. I'm fascinated by the ballistics, but in most books that try to tie up these loose ends, the speculation into motives drifts hopelessly into the Hollywoodisms and repeated social science frauds.

    ... and nobody should worry about the flag because freemasonry is a support cult of well fed lap dogs & guard dogs. They might have some finger prints at the crime scene, but they have no voice in the boardrooms. They're volunteer patsies and the flag is a decoy - it's anybody but them.

  3. Back in the 1960's I was an avid fan of all things "space" and even kept a scrapbook of all manned and unmanned missions flown by NASA. I remember being so excited about the manned moon missions, only to be sorely disappointed with the seeming lack of substantial information in the media on exactly what was found during these missions.

    Yes, the Apollo moon landing was a great boost to our national pride and there were lots of pretty pictures in the magazines and of course, the "moon rocks" brought back for scientific study.

    And then after a just a few successful trips, the whole manned moon program was (seemingly) thrown on the scrap heap. Why?
    Was it really because the results obtained couldn't justify the cost and risk of continuing the manned missions? Or was there some other reason?

    Why was it so important for NASA to send men to the moon by 1969 without a follow-up plan for continued manned exploration? It doesn't make sense to me at all.

    I'll look forward to reading your book, Richard and Mike!

  4. " it is because the full truth was deemed beyond our capability to adjust to it or to appreciate it."

    unless it was to protect oilmen from a better way, just for starters.

  5. i look forward to the truth being announced eventually! -radhole

  6. My father was a Sabre driver(F86) and even at the fighter pilot level, risk was the very nature of their domain. It was a given, and many were lost to a variety of causes.
    The suspension of the Moon missions surely had to do with more than 'fear' of losses?
    Following the Moon missions, even with our sights set on Mars immediately afterward, I wonder too, what caused the 'apparent' abandonment of 'manned' landings and research?

  7. Looking forward to seeing the picture of the Skull on Mars that Richard mentioned last night on George Noory's radio show.
    He said he was going to post it on

  8. Just waiting for Richard to send me the skull pic for posting.


  9. A skull?
    Geeeeeee ... ... ... I wonder what group of people would carry this symbolic message?


  10. It's not that we, the commoners, would not appreciate "it" - meaning the existence of life (past or present).

    It's that we, the commoners, would no longer appreciate THEM - meaning the stars of Imperialism and Captains of Industry that claim that we are at the pinnacle of human achievement.

    Ages of Exploration are, in reality, Ages of Concealment. It creates (deliberately) an apartheid of information. Who edited Captain Cook's manuscripts ? Dr Douglas, the Canon of Windsor and St Paul (Anglican Pope). Who was allowed to sail on voyages of Exploration ? Not Scotsmen who knew the Arctic through the Hudsons Bay Company - that would make too much sense. Only Anglicans born in England were allowed to could sail (and die).

    It's because they were the most pliable when it came to censoring the information. Later they would forbid literate men from serving in junior ranks (banning letters home wasn't enough).

  11. Many are surprised and heart broken when they eventually find out WHO is actually WORKING on behalf of The State.

  12. Cultural Captivity said...
    ... and nobody should worry about the flag because freemasonry is a support cult of well fed lap dogs & guard dogs. They might have some finger prints at the crime scene, but they have no voice in the boardrooms. They're volunteer patsies and the flag is a decoy - it's anybody but them.

    Sword said:
    Excuse me...
    But what evidence do you have to support that claim?
    From the places that I come from - thats called "talking out your ass"... ...the ancient society of Free Masons have everything to do with both the discoveries on the moon, both hidden and reported... ...and a great deal of the current activity in the media and the currently know space program...

    I'm calling you out - what do you THINK you know of the Masons and there legacy?


  13. Ancient ? I think they get away with using that term because they capitalize the "a".

    The Freemasons were created, or enabled by the Book of Constitutions in 1717. Any secrets about world-view that they once had (earning the optimism of Founding Fathers) was bumped up into the Shriner's by July 1, 1876.

    Today, the Freemasons "mysteries" and "secrets" begin AFTER the cornerstone has been laid. This dividing line between busboy and chef, or waiter and fine dining guest is blurred (typically by authors who are Masons).

    When cornerstone ceremonies were more popular, elites would show up for the cornerstone ceremony - but ignore the grand opening.

    So, the Freemasons, who are supposed to be experts on monuments, know nothing about their placement (anymore), except for a street level interpretation and a few tricks about how to stack stones & bricks.

    Freemasons are actually a support cult for the REAL support cult called the Shriner's ... which like to call themselves the Ancient Arabic Arabic Order and Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

    They plant mysteries, but they aren't the least bit interested in solving them. Their goal is to make the curious arm-chair philosopher spin his wheels and slide back into the ditch of theism and organized religion.

  14. Who / what were the "Masons", before they became 'the masons' ?

    ..and, may as well ask here too:
    Who first made the announcement that there is a box buried under the paws of the Sphinx, that led John Anthony West to look, and apparently find a box shape there ?

  15. In the book 1984 - the primary character - what was his job in the "Ministry of Knowledge?"

    To change the daily reports to something more pleasing to the establishment...


  16. Lots of fluster - still nothing of value...
    Your ignorance is... ...well... interesting...

    This snip cracked me up and I am sure it got a grin from a few of my friends:
    You said:
    "Freemasons above the 33rd degree (if accepted) become Shriner's."

    Thats two fold wrong - there are no Masons above 33rd degree - and they don't become shriners... ...that is - they don't become fez wearing, mini go cart parade driving old men...

    This one near the end - made me curious:
    You said:
    The compass and square are also the tools of the map-maker's trade - and the two were once linked - but not since 1876.

    He he he
    The compass and the square are ONGOING symbolic tools... Did you stumble in here drunk or something - you certainly must be new!

    Most of your response was written to sound like you know what you know - and I see allot of that on tv... ...and interestingly enough - well probably see another long winded response of just how smart you are.

    I would like to point out that I have written and dealt with literary whores like you - hell when I first called myself out as a Mason in these bloggs - a had a ton of guys just like you trying to tell me things that I know are false.

    The "Mason" goes way back - further back than you could ever (and ever would choose to) believe. I know this from the teachings past down to me. I have been in there own secretive libraries, I have read our past. Some of our prized records are... ...unearthly of nature - that is - speaking of things not of this earth.

    So, your so smarvy, tell me how this came about:
    "When I interviewed the Grand Master of the Freemasons here in BC, he told me that the Freemason's secrets begin AFTER the cornerstone has been laid - and involve how to stack stones so that you don't shade the places where you make measurements - that sort of thing."

    Great - you must be some sort of "journalist" who "just happened" to interview a Grand Master - and he told you what? How to Stack Stones?
    This is to rich!
    Tell me more! I am certain that you believed everything he told you - am I correct? Did he tell all these things to you with a big smile on his face?
    he he he
    (I love the NEW guys!)


  17. Fruity Club = I stole that from South Park (used to describe the Super Adventure Club). It was a poor attempt at levity.

    I will get a copy of The Hiram Key - I bought a copy of that very book for my Dad back in 1998 and he liked it.

    The Anglo-American Establishment : in Bill Clinton's inaugural address, he credits Carroll Quigley for being his mentor. CQ wrote "The Anglo-American Establishment", so if, for contrast or amusement, you want an idea of what an Ivy League Professor thinks about who really (secretly) rules the world - that would be a good book to start with.

    I think if the authors of this book want to see a sample conversation, or get a better idea of the landscape of the potential reader's mind - it's a worthwhile conversation to have.

    On the other hand, if it's an intrusion and unwanted distraction, then maybe when the Blog Topics run dry, they might pose questions or ask us to write case studies (critiqued by the other).

    I was inspired to write a few minor jabs because of the photo - I literally exclaimed out loud "oh no !!" because I worried the science of the photos would be dragged down by trusting (rubber crutch) social science.

    Writing a book is no easy task - remember to do lots of cardio, keep adequate plant-life around your desk ... and GIVE 'EM HECK !!!

  18. I read The Hiram Key. I was not really impressed. Read The Templars' Secret Island. Physical evidence trumps speculation any day.

  19. Forced labor built The Pyramids? Fuddle Duddle!

  20. Biological_Unit said...
    There is no way Humans can be Shot into Space" from a Giant Gun, without plastering Chunky Salsa, broken bones and brains on the floor!

    You thinking that a bunch of real dumb ass's built these facilities don't you? You can see UFO's in some sort of visual spectral analysis - yet - your dont have any imagination to the simple yet higher effective...
    The "air" is "slowly" inputed, as the pressure builds - it pushes the carriage sled through a tight downward grade helix until it reaches both travel verlocity and depth...
    After that - the gut wrenching inertia adjustment is over and you start to accelerate like a bat out of hell because all your momentum you have generated is now directed - well - directly behind you.
    Straight through the membrane - once velocity is adjusted - slight kick in from the main thrusters and walla - o gravity - and you just saved yourself a couple mill in fuel.

    Of course theres no luanch plumes - any exhust is way the hell up there - on top of that - who could see it when there out of the horizon to see it?

    You see - Alaska is BIG country - 2/3 the size of the US (actually more) and the population is a fraction of that of the US...

    Common BU - Even I give you more credit than that to see the "forest though the trees"...

    The US has been using this method to get goods and personel up to space for quite sometime...


  21. Am I allowed to inquire about Sword's Darkening?

  22. I left Inuvik NWT as a 14yr old, so from what I recall going to hockey tournaments ... Alaska is big, but it isn't really that unpopulated. Unless they launch from one of the Aleutian Islands, it would still be visible from Anchorage or Fairbanks.

    They could have chosen a day when it is clear over the launch location, but pouring rain over the populated areas.

    If the US were launching things this way, it would be public. Black Ops is hostile to the interests of the US middle and lower class because they are a proxy for elitists. They are a hostile state within a state - a Cold War compromise.

  23. For anyone who thinks NASA always gets the colors of Mars correct they should read "The Planet Mars: A History of Observation and Discovery" by William Sheehan In Chapter 13(Vikings---and Beyond) Mr. Sheehan states,"Telescopic observers have long been fascinated by the compelling, if partly illusory, colors of Mars, and the Viking imaging team also had a hard time getting the Martian colors right. They made colored pictures by mixing images obtained through a tricolor wheel (a wheel containing blue, green, and red filters), but the calibration was uncertain, and the earliest published images showed the Martian surface as a very piquant orange-red.3 Meanwhile, the Martian sky---surprisingly bright and rather unromantically described as "similar to a smoggy day in Los Angeles"---was given a bluish cast that was eerily Earthlike.4 Later, someone suggested that Mars's atmosphere was probably too thin for molecular (Rayleigh) scattering to produce a blue sky color, and that instead the sky brightness must be due to a suspension of fine reddish dust, which would make the sky salmon pink---and so it became in later images (although I must admit that I never found the effect quite believable).5 In this case, the Viking imaging team seems to have bent too far in the other direction to avoid creating the illusion of an Earthlike Mars. Because the dust load of the Martian atmosphere is extremely variable, the color of the sky ranges, at different times, from salmon pink to yellow to light blue to dark blue to purple. Since the images returned by the Viking lander just after it landed show shadows cast by the rocks as razor sharp, the atmosphere was then fairly clear. Ironically, after all the trouble taken with it, the sky seems to have been blue after all!"

  24. I mentioned forced labour & the Pyramids for one reason : Moses.


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